The Bohemian Chic of Kimpton Goodland

Originally published in December 18, 2018 The Kimpton Goodland Hotel is, according to internal reports, the chain’s most Instagram-ed property. That says something. Kimpton hotels around the country are by and large selfie magnets—but here’s slideshow evidence to back The Goodland’s claim: KIMPTON GOODLAND PHOTO ALBUM Besides Instagram, where can you find The Goodland? … Continue reading The Bohemian Chic of Kimpton Goodland

Pour Guys

Originally published in Pacific San Diego Magazine October 30, 2013 Dave Whitton and Aidan Demarest are big deals in Los Angeles nightlife circles, having advanced to the level of: If we build it, they will come - and stand in lines that circle the block. When the bartenders-turned-bar-innovators opened Frauds and Swindlers in the Gaslamp … Continue reading Pour Guys

7 Hotel Tech Trends to Watch

Originally published in North Star Meeting Group April 26, 2018 Robots. Facial recognition technology. Virtual and augmented reality. There's a seemingly unending stream of cool tech tools flowing out of research-and-development centers and into all corners of the meeting and hospitality industries. It's influencing hotel and event check-in processes, adding bells and whistles to guest … Continue reading 7 Hotel Tech Trends to Watch